6 Oct 2013

Toys of his Own / Njegove igracke

Once your kid starts going to school, you can not save him anymore form the influence of new technologies. Most kids already have their own mobile phones, or other gadgetsEven dough kids are not allowed to take mobile phones to school, they all talk about them. And about lap-tops, i-pads, tablets, etc. So, in only a few days we knew some new words like: Mac, Samsung galaxy, Sony experia, Nokia, just to name a few. So, here we got it. A new interest. Gadgets. And what to do at school when you are not allowed to bring them, or if you do not have some of your own? Make them. 
Here they are: touch screen mobile phones and a photo camera.

A tablet.

A lap-top.

Some school mothers even said: Since they started making these paper-gadges, they completly lost interest in playing with the real ones. 

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