24 Oct 2013

Shadow theatre / Pozorište senki

When given an opportunity and freedom to do things their own way, kids always surprise me in a most fantastic way. I had a completely different idea and vision for making the screen for our shadow theatre and puppets that we made the other day. But, the kids couldn't wait for the screen to be made, and they decided to use our decorative paravane instead (that was also once handmade and was used for other purposes). So here is what they made! All by themselves! "The Jungle Book".

This is the backstage. A very busy backstage.

After experimenting with the stage (screen) design and shadows, they turned over to explore the sounds and instruments! The backstage fun was as exciting as the front one!

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huana said...

Sve smo razumjeli i na engleskom :-)
Predobar ti je ovaj paravan,mi se snalazimo s kutijom od cipela :-)